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President IBBY: Ahmad Redza Ahmad Khairuddin

Congress Advisor: Dr. Anne Pellowski (USA)

A.Speakers for Main Theme: National Sections

1. Australia: Dianne Wolfer

2. Cambodia: Socheata Huot

3. China: Ming Zhou Zhang

4. India: a. Ira Saxena

             b. Surekha Panandiker

             c. Nita Berry

             d. Indira Bagchi

5. Indonesia: Murti Bunanta

6. Japan: 

7. South Korea: Inae Kim

8. Malaysia: Alimah Salam

9. Thailand: Pornanong Niyomka

10. USA: Ellis Vance

11. Austria: Peter Schneck

12. Mongolia: Sunjidmaa Jamba

13. Afganistan: Eng Yousef

B.Speakers for Sub-Theme

1. Margaret Read Macdonald (USA)
"Sharing South East Asian Folktales for Character Education"

2. John McKenzie (New Zealand)
"Trick or Treat: Power and Powerlessness in the Trickster Tale"

3. Dianne Wolfer (Australia)
"Talking Animals in Children Literature"

4. Moon Young Sook (South Korea)
Book Talk: “The Wonderings of the Kareiski People"- A story that reflects children's lives in a multicultural society

5. Ji-yoo Lee (South Korea)
“The Ring of Fire and Culture of Asia-Oceania”

6. Jeong –Jin Lim (South Korea)
Book Talk: “Features of Korean Traditional Performing Arts-Bawoodeokyi”

7. Akiko Sueyoshi (Japan)
"Portrayal of Women in Japanese Children's Literature"

8. Rosline Sandai (Malaysia)
"Rhymes in Iban Children's Traditional Literature: The Power of Words in Education for Listening"

9. Rosemarie Somaiah (Singapore)
"The Changing Role of Story in Singapore"

10. KPBA Team (Indonesia)
"SACL Volunteers' Experiences in Raising Their Empathy Awareness Towards Others: Sharing Stories for Hospitalized Children with Cancer"

11. Margaret Zeegers (Australia)
"Binding Us All: Explorations of Worlds Created by Graeme Base-the Print and Illustration Works"

12. Bruce Granquist (Indonesia)
“How Balinese Painters Tell Stories with Images”

13. Heidi  Boiesen (Norway)
“Knowing Your Neighbours-the Special Children”

14. Tetsuta Watanabe (Japan)
“Bilingual Background of the Kumata Bear Books and the Author Shigeo Watanabe”

15. Sun Hwa Lee (South Korea)
“Development and Distribution of Reading Promoting Contents for Multicultural Families”

16. Etsuko Nozaka (Japan)
“Kamishibai-How it Differs from Picture Books”

17. Team of the Magazine (Japan)
“Living the Stories: Purpose of Reading Children’s Literature of the World”

18. Jo Henwood (Australia)
“Telling Other People’s Stories in a Multicultural Society”

19. Imron Wakhid Harits (Indonesia)
“Religious and Moral Values in Madura Folktales”

20. Hans Laurens (Denmark)
“Tell Me Stories- Creative Storytelling for Children”

21. Marwiyah & Labibah Zain (Indonesia)
“Literary Strategy to Promote Inclusiveness and Multiculturalism for Kids (A Case Study at Tumbuh School, Yogyakarta)”

22. Riama Maslan Sihombing & Citra Remi (Indonesia)
Book Talk: “Designing Digital E-Book (apps) for the Familiarization of Nine Consumptive Plants for Preschool Children through the Story of Sri Pohaci, a Sundanese Goddess of Rice”

23. Nicholas Mark (Australia)
Book Talk: “Children’s Book Collaboration between an Australian Writer and Indonesian Illustrator”

24. Eun-Ja Hyun and Christina Hyeon-Kyeong Kim (South Korea)
Book Talk: “Looking Multicultural Stories through Interactive App Book: Its Possibilities and Limits”

25. Niklas Bengtsson (Finland)
“Promoting Children’s Books by Exhibitions”

26. Dipavali Debroy (India)
“Indian Literature for International Publishing – an Area of Vast Potential"

27. Sylvia Vardell (USA)
"The World in Verse: Multicultural Poetry for Young People"

28. Julia Eka Rini (Indonesia)
"The Role of Reading in Language Learning"

29. Alvanov Z. Mansoor (Indonesia)
“In The Minds of The Young, How Indonesian Girls Frame Themselves in Girls’ Comics”


1. Made Taro (Indonesia)

2. Margaret Read Macdonald (USA)

3. Bima Anggara (Indonesia)

4. Jo Henwood (Australia)

5. Kusum Lata Singh (India)

6. Girija Asthana (India)

7. Vijaylakshmi Nagaraj (India)

8. Sri Ayu Pradnya Larasari (Indonesia)

9. Team of SACL (Indonesia)

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