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INABBY (IBBY Indonesia)

A core activity of the Society for the Advancement of Children’s Literature’s (SACL) is encouraging children and communities to read. Supported by Indonesian Section of IBBY, our volunteers have visited many places in the outskirt of Jakarta and also many other regions in Indonesia, donating books and doing workshops for teachers and the care takers of reading communities. Children are the main target for SACL and INABBY to share good stories,happiness, and to build their creativity and competencies in learning and reading skills.


Left: Children were keen listening to the stories    Right: Choosing books after listening to the stories

Reading promotion at a library community in the outskirt of Jakarta.

Theme of IBBY Yamada Workshop 2014, “Using Books Effectively and Connecting to Curriculum” is always a very useful topic for the workshops in the remote areas where the reading materials are limited. Murti Bunanta trained the teachers to use books in many ways
and in effective methods to link into the school system in Indonesia, “thematic integrative”. Dr. Margaret MacDonald was also invited to share and improve storytelling skills of the teachers of early childhood education. Margaret kindly donated one of her books to each
school and we also brought books donated by companies and IBBY. In this visit, Tetty Pratiwi, a volunteer member of SACL came with us.



Murti Bunanta and SACL volunteers were telling stories for children in Amed Village, Bali.
Teachers of Early Childhood Education in Banyumulek Village, Lombok, were showing books donated by INABBY

The teachers and the Head of Gayamharjo Village in Java Island (in brown trouser), were practicing stories with Margaret MacDonald


Some of SACL-INABBY members after storytelling session at a library community (left) and after the monthly meeting at SACL-INABBY office (right).


The monthly meetings of SACL and INABBY are used to share expertise among senior and younger members in storytelling, writing, and illustrating books. SACL has also become an independent publisher, since 2001, continues to produce books for donation which are
financially supported by sponsors. Books produced by SACL are considered good books from Indonesia, even by Indonesian commercial publishers.


INABBY has good relationships with other IBBY Sections. Recently in February, 6th-8th, 2014, two members of INABBY, Murti Bunanta (President) and Dina Tuasuun (Head of Secretariat) participated in the AWIC Conference on “Literacy through Literature”. It was a productive and fruitful conference and also deepened friendship among old and new friends. Murti Bunanta presented a paper on “Children›s Reading Material on Health and Hygiene: a Child›s Right». The presentation was well-received and gave new insight to the audience about the importance of literature on health and hygiene for children. Dina Tuasuun has conducted a successful workshop for children in making simple storytelling device using hand socks. Report by Murti Bunanta

Paper presentation by Murti
Bunanta at AWIC Conference
2014, New Delhi-India



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