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August 2016


IBBY Indonesia:

Inauguration of Society for the Advancement of Children's Literature (SACL) Branch in Yogyakarta

SACL inaugurated a new branch in Yogyakarta on 24 February 2016. SACL has its main  office in Jakarta. Yogyakarta is a special area near central of Java. The number of activities  in Yogyakarta requires opening of a branch in that area. Four members of SACL and four members of INAbby (Indonesian Board Book of Young Adult) in Jakarta participated in the opening of a branch in Yogyakarta. The program is made possible by the support of IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People)


SACLbranchinaugurationin Yogyakarta

The inauguration of a branch in Yogyakarta was formally started by opening a library in the home of a member of SACL. The concept of home library was integrated into several planned library programs and activities such as providing reading books collection, storytelling, as well as presenting activities outside the library such as learning how to make a story by making a simple book in paper and learning English by singing accompanied by guitar.

Children were reading books in the library    


During the opening, activities were carried out such as a seminar, and activities for children. The seminar was about reading interests, which was attended by teachers and communities around the new library. The seminar discussed interest in reading and showed techniques to build children's interest in reading by teachers and parents. During the seminar, the local organizing committee also provided the audiences with traditional food of Yogyakarta area and live music. Children at the opportunity to learn how to paint on paper puppets.

Seminaron Reading Interestby Dr. Murti Bunanta


Storytelling in a Train Journey from Jakarta to Yogyakarta

Four members of INAbby and four members of SACL took a train journey from Jakarta to Yogyakarta on 23 February 2016. The purpose was to launch a SACL branch in Yogyakarta. It took 8 hours journey from Jakarta to Yogyakarta by train so the members of SACL and INAbby decided to fill the travelling with storytelling. It is the first time program of storytelling on the train in Indonesia.

There are four members of SACL and four members of INAbby participating in the journey to Yogyakarta. All of them were involved in storytelling along the way. Preparation for the storytelling on the train included; choosing short and interactive stories, adjusting the position of the storyteller in the train's corridor, and preparing the storytelling media such as hand puppet, finger puppet, and string. We also sent the permission letter to train administrators for presenting storytelling in the train.

The train left early in the morning and our group decided to tell stories from around 9am until lunch time. We noticed that some of the passengers brought their children, so we began by asking the children if they would like to listen to the story. The first story was about frogs and locusts, then the group moved from one carriage to another carriage sharing more stories. Five stories were brought to life on the train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta; the «Frog and Locust», «Mouse Deer and the Tiger», «Hare and Tortoise», «The Jovial and the Moody» and «Mosquito Giant».

Storytelling of Hare and Tortoiseusinghandpuppet media

The children looked quite happy with short storytelling using hand puppets and finger puppets. Though we started by asking the children, some adult  passengers  were  also curious and wanted to hear the story,especially storytelling using the string. They even practiced to tell a story with a string. They said they wanted to tell the story for their families and grandchildren.

“Storytelling of Mosquito Giant sing string media”

INABBY and SACL at AFCC (Asian Festivals of Children's Content) 2016

AFCC is a yearly festival held in Singapore. The festival focuses on content for children in various mediums such as books, e-books, movies, and other forms. It gathers writers, illustrators, researcher, parents, and teachers to discuss about children's content in seminars and workshops. It also provides publishers in Asia the opportunity to exhibit and exchange rights. This festival has Board of Officers that come from different parts of Asia: Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Myanmar. Each year, the festival selects a country of focus to highlight the current trends and issues from the country. Indonesia will be the next focus of the country in 2017.

The president of INAbby is one of the Board of Advisors of AFCC. As the Board of Advisors meeting decided Indonesia as the country of focus in 2017, the president of INAbby and her team, members of SACL and INAbby are providing input to government, NGOs, publishers, about this event and to discuss the programs for the next year. Thus, members of INAbby and SACL are highly involved in AFCC 2017. As the result of several meetings, preliminary programs have been planned for the coming event which covers four main activities; presentations, Indonesian night, joint publishing books, and a books fair. These main programs have been presented by a team from Indonesia represented by Emilia Nazir (secretary general of INAbby) and  Ida Farida (Liason officer of INAbby) in AFCC 2016 in front of BOA meeting.

This year at AFCC, three publishers and one NGO from Indonesia participated in the book fair. The publishers are Gramedia book publishing, Borobudur agency, and Kanisius. The NGO that participated was SACL. The president of INAbby presented two papers. One on important special collections from around the world, and another on what makes a book award-worthy?. The first paper is about her private children books collection in her library at home and the second paper highlight the issue of the benefit of children’s books awards. The second session was a panel where Dr. Murti joined with Leonard Marcus, a historian, writer, book critic and exhibition curator.

     INAbby and SACL members atAFCC2016                Dr. Murti Bunanta was sharing her view aboutthe

   benefit of children's book awards

Dr. Murti Bunanta was sharing her private documentation library at AFCC 2016

Celebration of 30 years anniversary of SACL

In commemoration of 30 years of SACL’s dedication for the people of Indonesia, SACL will carry out several events from 4 to 7 August. The events are varied and include an illustration workshop, a seminar on children books, a storytelling workshop, storytelling festival, and dance opera. These programs will take place in two locations: Dia Lo Gue art space in Kemang, Jakarta and Graha Bakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Jakarta (TIM). The anniversary of 30 Years SACL is supported by INAbby and IBBY.

The illustration workshop will be on August 2016 ,4. The workshop facilitator is Mr. Tassies from Spain, the winner of the Grand Prix BIB Competition 2009 in Slovakia.

The seminar on the children's book will take place on second day, August 2016 ,5. There will be two activities in that day. In the morning session, there will be a seminar. While, in the afternoon session, there will be a storytelling workshop. The facilitator will be Uncle Fat (Former Navy, Storytellers Leading-Taiwan) and Made Taro (leading Storytellers Bali- Indonesia).

On 6 August 2016, a storytelling Festival will be held and it is open to the public from morning until dawn. There are many story tellers who will share their stories. Among them are: Made Taro from Bali, Uncle Fat from Taiwan, children of the group of Arasta from Bengkulu, children storyteller winners from Jakarta and Yogyakarta, storytellers team with insect puppets from Yogyakarta, and of course the SACL team.

Reported by Ida Farida

Liaison Officer of INAbby

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