IBBY Asia-Africa-Oceania Newsletter December 2015/9

IBBY Asia-Africa-Oceania Newsletter December 2015/9



A Glance at SACL and INABBY’s Participation Abroad


1. The 25th BIB, September 2015

Celebration of 50th Year since the establishment of BIB

Murti Bunanta, President of SACL and INABBY and Emilia Nazir, Secretary General of INABBY, and two young illustrators, members of SACL, Mira Widhayati and Anna Triana were invited to come to Bratislava for the 25th Biennial of Illustration Bratislava-BIB 2015. Anna Triana also participated in the International Albin Brunovsky workshop. We started the first day by attending the International Press Conference at Dom Umenia, where we met IBBY representatives from other countries. We also had a chance to see the exhibition of children’s book illustrations coming from many continents installed upstairs.

On the same day, at 5pm, the opening Ceremony of the 25th Biennial of Illustration Bratislava-BIB 2015 was held at Slovak National Theatre. It was started and closed by performances and art from children.

Left to right; Emilia, Murti, Anna, and Mira

Awards recipients (Grand Prix, BIB Golden Apple, BIB Plaque, Honorary Mention for the Support of the Development of Picture Book Publication, and Honorary Mention for the Publisher) were also announced. After the ceremony we walked to the hotel for the reception.

 Mira was presenting her works during UNESCO-BIB Albin Brunovsky Workshop

The Indonesian Ambassador for Slovakia, Mr. Djumantoro Purwokoputro Purbo, supported the Indonesian delegation by attending the opening ceremony and walked with us to see a bit of Bratislava at night.
On the 5th and 6th September, we had attended the International Symposium which highlighted “How the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava Has Influenced Children’s Picture Books of the World over the Last Half Century.” There were sixteen countries, among the participants including Iran, Denmark, Slovakia, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Poland, who shared interesting studies on how picture books had been influenced and had evolved within the past half a century. They also spoke on other issues such as the originality of a picture book, as perceived by BIB.

With the Indonesian Ambassador for Slovakia, Mr. Djumantoro

Besides the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of BIB, two young illustrators from Indonesia also participated the UNESCO-BIB Albin Brunovsky Workshop from 12-6 September 2015, lead by Prof. Igor Piacka, a prominent illustrator and painter from Slovakia. They were among ten people elected from nine countries to participate in this workshop. This workshop was influential for developing their skills and approaches to their work. Mira and Anna experienced a great opportunity for the improvement of their careers. Besides this main workshop, they also attended a workshop lead by Roger Mello, the winner of Hans Christian Andersen Award at Dom Umenia.

Workshop lead by Roger Mello at Dom Umenia

During the 50th anniversary of BIB, Murti Bunanta presented a talk on “Storytelling is Caring, Nurturing, Healing, Reading and Educating”, as part of a reading seminar organized by IBBY Institute Bratislava with the theme of “Stop Reading Crisis; Reading and Childhood Development”. There were other 21 speakers for this symposium that was held on August 30th and 31st. It was a fruitful and useful symposium that marked the importance of reading. We thank Timotea Vrablova, The President of Slovakian Section of IBBY who was the initiator and motor of this symposium.

      Murti Bunanta presenting a paper on the benefit of               Several speakers of the symposium

                     storytelling in the symposium

2. The 2nd IBBY Asia-Oceania Regional Congress in Malaysia, May 2015

Another IBBY International Congress was also attended by members of SACL (Society for The Advancement of Children’s Literature); Christantiowati, Imron Harits, Herdiana Hakim, Emilia Nazir, and Murti Bunanta. These five delegations have also presented papers for this congress. The first congress was held in Bali, Indonesia, organized by Indonesian Section of IBBY was a very success congress and remembered by many friends for a long time.

Liz Page, Executive Director IBBY; Ellis Vance, Treasurer of IBBY; Emilia Nazir, Secretary General of INABBY; Eng Jousef, President of IBBY Afghanistan; Patricia Aldana, Hans Christian Andersen Jury President; Murti Bunanta, President of INABBY; Ahmad Redza Ahmad Khairuddin, President of MBBY

Indonesian delegations were also presenting a storytelling session for the children. The theme of the second congress was “One World, Many Stories: Celebrating Diversities in Children’s Literature and Literary Activities”

            SACL and INABBY team on their storytelling session           Murti Bunanta reporting SACL and

                                                                                                              INABBY’s Activities

3. Indonesia, Guest of Honor of FBF, 13th 18-th October 2015

Indonesia was the Guest of Honor of Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. We are proud that Indonesia got a great attention by the book publishings world and German publics who flocked to visit the Indonesian Pavilion to enjoy the cultural dance and music performances; Indonesian culinair; books; ancient literature; and storytelling for children.

Indonesia presented their existences with the theme of “Indonesia - 17.000 Islands of Imagination”, in the pavilion that was designed with an amazing look. This beautiful pavilion consisted of Island of Scene presenting the cultural performances; Island of Words presenting books for adult literature; Island of Spice where people can taste the various Indonesian delicious food served during the FBF; Island of Illuminations where people can see the ancient literature; Island of Inquiry presenting digital books; Island of Images showing comic books and its history in Indonesia; and Island of Tales presenting children’s books and storytelling performances.

Murti’s books in various languages

There were 7 members of SACL who were assigned to contribute for the Indonesian’s participation in this world event, among others Murti Bunanta and Tety Elida, the Vice President of SACL. Both giving storytelling performances based on various folktales published by SACL. Murti also gave a talk on SACL and INABBY Activities.

Playing and looking at Murti’s digital book – “Little Chicken Takes A Walk”


Reading a book for a family who came at the Children’s Pavilion

Tety Elida and Murti Bunanta have also attended the German Children’s Literature Award 2015 invited by Doris Breitmoser, Liaison Officers of German Section of IBBY. An amazing event that showing respect to the quality works of writers and illustrators.

                    Murti and her German Publisher,                     Kamishibai telling for “Prinzessin Kemang”


Murti Bunanta’s book, “Princess Kemang”, a folktale from Bengkulu, Sumatra, was the only children’s book from Indonesia that has been translated into German. Murti’s book that have also been translated into Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, were among the books that were displayed. Also “Indonesian Folktales” published by Libraries Unlimited (USA) and “Tiny Boy and Other Tales from Indonesia” published by Groundwood Books (Canada) were among the books that attracted foreign publishers.

Report by: Murti Bunanta, Melly Adelia, Emilia Nazir, and Mira Widhayati.

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