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In this newsletter updated, we will focus at KPBA (Kelompok Pencinta Bacaan Anak) or SACL (Society for the Advancement of Children’s Literature) activities during the year 2014. KPBA was established by Murti Bunanta in 1987. INABBY (Indonesian Section of IBBY) was founded three years later, in 1990. KPBA mostly works nationally and INABBY works mostly internationally, especially within IBBY national sections. It is a good, strong, and fruitful cooperation. 

Murti Bunanta Received Cultural Recognition 

Recognition was given by the government of Indonesia and Ministry of Education and Culture to Murti Bunanta for her dedication in developing Children’s Literature for 27 years in Indonesia. Murti Bunanta received a gold pin and a certificate of Anugrah Kebudayaan (Cultural Recognition) handed over by the Minister of Education on October 3rd, 2014.                                                                                                          


Murti Bunanta (middle) with Minister of                         The minister of Education, M. Nuh handed over
Education (right) and and the Director General of         the gold pin to Murti Bunanta
Education (second right)


Murti Bunanta was invited by IBBY to talk about Children in Crisis Program at Frankfurt Bookfair, October 11th 2014                               


Wally de Doncker (President of IBBY) and Murti Bunanta (President of INABBY)

The 11th KPBA Storytelling Festival in 2014 

KPBA has conducted the eleventh presentation of the Storytelling Festival. It means that we have reminded the society for 22 years about our valuable national heritage, and Indonesian folktales. For the first time, KPBA cooperated with the Directorate Internalization of Values and Cultural Diplomacy, the Directorate General of Culture, and the Ministry of Education and Culture to present the festival. The event was held on 14 – 8 September 2014 at a mall, Grand Indonesia. As usual KPBA/SACL books were the core for the perf

ormances presented by the schools and groups. KPBA also invited two storytellers from Yogyakarta (Central Java) who presented a new performance using insect puppets they had handmade. It was a really new innovation. Another new performance was a culinary demonstration that taught to children after they listened to book reading of ‘Suwidak Loro’ retold by Murti Bunanta. After the book reading and performance children brought home the Botok Semayi, food mentioned in the story. In addition five CEOs have taken part in the festival for the session, “CEO Telling Stories”. They were Prof. Fasli Jalal, Dr. Ing. Ilham Habibie, Mr. Abiprayadi Riyanto, Mr. Korula Chandy, and Mr. Olivier Pierredon. A talkshow about Indonesian folktales was also the highlight for the educators and teachers with the speakers: Dr. Murti Bunanta (KPBA), Dr. Purnomowulan (KPBA), and Dr. Yophie Septiady (University of Indonesia). Dr. Tety Elida (KPBA) was the moderator.


KPBA members who were active conducting the         A group of school children from Bengkulu
the Story Telling Festival, 2014                                    (Sumatera Island) performed “Princess Kemang, 
                                                                                         folktale from Bengkulu retold byMurti Bunanta
SACL hosts the Sharing Session with President of the Association of German Children’s Book Publishers 

As one of the preparations for Indonesia to be the Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) 2015, and to build good relationships with German publishers, Dr.Murti Bunanta took the initiative to invite Renate Reischstein, the President of the Association of German Children’s Book Publishers and also a Rights Director of Verlagsgruppe Oetinger Publisher, to come to Indonesia. On September 1st, 2014, more than 30 representatives from the Indonesian publishers met Renate at SACL/KPBA secretariat. In this half day sharing session, lead by Dr. Murti as the moderator and also children’s book ambassador for FBF (2014), Renate shared her experience and insights to be considered by Indonesian children’s book publishers in selling rights at the Frankfurt Book Fair and to access the German children’s book market. She also reviewed some Indonesian children’s books. In this meeting, there were also Claudia Kaiser as the Vice President of Frankfurt Book Fair for Business Development. Discussions were shared enthusiastically.


                                             Renate, Murti, Claudia, with some of the participants

All the participants also enjoyed the delicious lunch and dessert served by KPBA. A surprise dessert in the form of a book amazed the participants. A good atmosphere of friendship at least was already there and KPBA hopes that the initiative taken by KPBA will support the future of Indonesian Children’s book.


Participants paid attention to the discussion            Everybody enjoyed the special delicious
seriously                                                                       lunch served by KPBA                    
Celebrating The 27 Years of SACL 

It has been 27 years since the establishment of Society for the Advancement of Children’s Literature (SACL/KPBA) by Dr. Murti Bunanta in 1987 to improve the quality of children’s book in Indonesia. Time passes by and new generations have come to be the future leaders. We all feel strong and full of energy for being together in this independent and nonprofit organization, even though we come from different backgrounds and professions. We hope KPBA will continue to exist and brings advancement for children’s literature in Indonesia and play an important part in promoting children’s book through world.

                                        Some of S.A.C.L members who attended the celebration
Have Fun with Children, Educate Teachers and Mothers 

On March 22th, 2014, KPBA has been invited by Pondok Anak Bangsa to give workshop in this community library initiated by the family of Tumakaka-Tumbuan. 

                                                      Photo session with all participants

A workshop was designed for teachers of early childhood education centre and mothers around the area. Dr.Murti Bunanta presented a storytelling workshop for about 30 participants. As well as listening to the tales, participants also had a chance to practice telling the stories.

Dr.Murti taught many ways of storytelling and showed how to read the books for children. After the workshop, teachers were expected to be able to share the stories and read good books not only for their students, but at the library as well. 

 Report by Murti Bunanta.


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