IBBY Asia-Oceania Newsletter July 2013/5


INABBY, The Indonesian Section of IBBY, has successfully organized The 1st Asia-Oceania IBBY Regional Congress in Bali, May 23rd–26th, 2013. No doubt this first step taken by INABBY will be followed by other national sections of IBBY in the region, to continue such regional congresses in the future.
This first congress was attended by 120 participants from 19 countries: India, South Korea, Japan, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Denmark, New Zealand, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Forty-three papers were presented, divided into two themes. The main theme: “How to Strengthen Asia-Oceania IBBY” was intended to find a way to encourage all the national sections to work hand in hand. And the sub-theme: “Knowing Your Neighbours” showcases the uniqueness of stories from Asia and Oceania to the world, and their role in the world of children’s literature.
Sharing of knowledge through the presentations was done in a relaxed atmosphere of enjoyment and friendship. The congress provided the participants with good talks, memorable moments, opportunities to enjoy Indonesian cultures and stories of the world through the paper presentations, cultural events and storytelling sessions.
Children’s and community libraries, teachers and students were all involved in this important and fruitful first IBBY Asia-Oceania Congress in Bali 2013. You can witness some accomplishments of the congress through these pictures.

Report by Murti Bunanta, President of INABBY

The congress was officially opened on                               Welcome speech from Dr. Murti Bunanta,
May 23rd, with the sound of “kentongan”,                          the president of INABBY
traditional Balinese musical instrument.

Book donations for four community libraries in Bali              Balinese traditional performance at
were not forgotten at the congress                                  
the opening ceremony

After the IBBY National Sections meeting on May 24th, 2013

Some of the paper presentations: Tetsuta Watanabe from Japan (left) speaking about the
Kumata Bear books written by Shigeo Watanabe; and Sylvia Vardell from USA (right) speaking about children’s poems.

A very entertaining storytelling session by Margaret Read
MacDonald (USA) and Hans Laurens (Denmark)

Enjoying Indonesian traditional dancing together: poco-poco


Delegate List

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