KPBA in Collaboration with Tempo Media 2018

          17th Storytelling Festival KPBA was organized in collaboration with Tempo Media took place on December 15th, 2018. KPBA team with the leadership of Dr Ida Farida and Emilia Nazir MeD made the 17th KPBA Storytelling Festival a successful event. Thanks to Ms. Mardyah Chamim, directour of Tempo Institute and all friends of Tempo Media Weeks for working hand in hand with us. This was a wonderful cultural event which KPBA always presents for years Children and all the audiences tasted an Indonesian food, botok, which mentioned in a Javanese folktale retold by Murti Bunanta, entitled “Suwidak Loro”. We also presented appreciation of books written by KPBA members to Prof. Fasli Jalal for his ongoing support and to Ms Mardyah Chamim.




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