1. The 1st KPBA – INABBY National Seminar on Children’s Literature, 21-22 April 2018

2. Murti Bunanta received her 13th International Awards, May 17th 2018

3. KPBA Storytelling Workshop in Collaboration with Balitbang

4. Indonesian Delegations Attending IBBY World Congress in Greece

- Ten members of KPBA – INABBY took part in IBBY World Congress in Athens, Greece

- Murti Bunanta and Maria Christania presented a paper at IBBY Congress

- Murti presented a poster presentation

5. Murti Bunanta and KPBA Team at Indonesia International Book Fair, September 12-16, 2018

6. IBBY – Yamada Fund Workshop Project in Indonesia

7. Discussion on Creative Writing with José Luis Peixoto

8. KPBA in collaboration with Borobudur Writers and Cultural Festival 2018

9. KPBA in Collaboration with Tempo Media 2018



1. Kanoon Storytelling Festival, Tehran, Iran. February, 15th - 19th 2017

- The 19th International Storytelling Festival

- Jurors for Kanoon Storytelling Competition

- Talk for Iran Television

 2. The 3rd Asia Oceania IBBY Regional Congress in Bangkok, May 9th - 12nd 2017

- Murti Bunanta (President of Inabby) and Emilia Nazir (Sec General) were presenting a country report of INABBY, the Indonesian Section of IBBY

- Murti Bunanta was presenting her paper of her experiences in collecting, choosing, rewriting and retelling Indonesian Folktales

- Murti Bunanta visited a beautiful and well organized children's library

- IBBY congresses were always organized in full of friendship and togetherness

 3. Asian Festival of Children's Content (AFCC), May 16th - 21st 2017

- Indonesia as the Country of Focus of AFCC 2017

- Indonesian Night

 4. Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Ocotber 25th - 29th 2017



1. Murti Bunanta was given Honorary Member of IBBY

Delegate List

Indonesian Section, Thai Section, Korean Section, Indian Section...and more




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